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PSF1106.FOR Audi A6L A7 2020 private car wireless car fast charger.


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1.The wireless charger uses the DC input. Built-in car standard level charging coil, compatible with a variety of mobile phone wireless fast charging.
2.A number of safety protection functions, in line with the wireless charging standards, safe power and stable connection.
3.Nano anti-slip silicone, to prevent mobile phone offset, environmentally friendly material ABS + PC
4.15W super-large coil, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection
5.Support for QC3.0 fast charging protocol


PSF1106. Audi A6L A7 2020 dedicated multi-purpose wireless car charger.

technical parameter:
Environmental protection materials: ABS + PC
Coil design: a large effect of a single coil
Emission power: 15W
Conversion efficiency: 75% +
Input parameter: 9-16V
Output parameters: 5-9V
Operating temperature: -20℃ + 70℃
Operating frequency: 110KHz-205KHz
Input interface: the original vehicle connector cable installation for power supply
Charging mode: electromagnetic induction [wireless end] USB
Installation position: central content box


Product auspicious feeling:
1. Wireless charger uses DC DC input. Built-in car standard level charging coil; compatible with a variety of mobile phone wireless charging.
2. A number of safety protection functions; in line with wireless charging standards; safe power and stable connection.
3. Constant temperature charging; reasonable control of working temperature; cold air cycle air intake design.
4. Nano anti-slip silica gel to prevent mobile phone offset; environmental friendly material ABS + PC.
5. Support the QC3.0 fast charging protocol.
6.15W super-large coil; short-circuit protection; overcurrent protection. Connector cable installation; left and right steering wheel driving common.

matters need attention:
1. Make sure that there is no debris on the charging pad.
2. Put the phone or other compatible device on the charging panel and indicate that the battery is charging when the blue indicator light is on; when the green indicator light is on; the battery is fully charged.
3. It is normal for the charging pad and the mobile phone to get hot. If you use the mobile phone (such as playing music) when charging; the charging pad and the mobile phone may become hotter.
4. Charging indicator light green is in standby state; blue is in charging; and red is in foreign body or abnormal.

50 pieces; FOB / Shenzhen single product price 67.61/pcs; OEM customization.

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